Hardware & Software Maintenance

Are you tired of dealing with computer support, calling and being put on hold just to get a standard, runaround answer to your questions instead of fixing your problem? At BestCom Co.Ltd, we focus on providing comprehensive computer repair services without all unnecessary technical jargon talk

We make it easy to you and come to customer's office or residence. Or you can simply drop off your computer equipment at our location, and we'll perform thorough diagnostics and repair at our workshop

BestCom Co.Ltd offers a wide range of computer repair and diagnostic services that include but not limited to:

  • Spyware, adware, greyware removal
  • Virus, worm and other malicious software removal
  • Identity-stealing trojan programs cleanup
  • Windows registry cleanup
  • Startup environment cleanup for faster boot-up
  • Computer hard drive defragmentation to improve performance
  • Temporary files, Internet cache cleanup to free disk space and reduce the "clutter" on your computer
  • Dust and grime build-up clean out, lubrication of moving components
  • Hard drive testing and diagnostics

We also repair peripherals such as Printers, Scanners, UPSs, Projectors,Coppiers, etc.