Voice Over IP Services

IP telephony (VOIP) refers to the real-time transmission of voice signals encapsulated in data packets and transported over a dedicated data network or the public Internet. Through the use of Internet Protocol (IP), analog voice signals are converted into data packets, which are then sent over the same data networks used for general computing. Because voice signals travel as data packets — just like packets containing e-mail, document files or web pages — you no longer need a separate voice network to handle telephone calls.

Here's just a few of benefits of using our VoIP telephony solutions we provide: Lower Costs of your recurring telephone system dramatically.

The VoIP solutions we provide can potentially save you businesses over 30% when compared to traditional PBX systems and voice solutions. What’s more, it offers unlimited long distance calling to all intercontinental states. The hosted system solutions we offer remove the costs and lengthy term agreements associated with leasing or purchasing and maintaining a traditional PBX system

Increased Business Efficiency

Our VoIP system is hosted, therefore adds/moves/changes are quickly handled by us through the web tool, with no hard wiring or adjusting of cables. Our VoIP offers soft-phone capabilities that allow employees to virtually take their desk anywhere; whether working from home or on the road, employees won’t miss a beat. A unified communication solution reduces the time spent managing disparate services—teleconferencing, Internet connectivity, and local and long distance activities are managed directly through the web tool.

Guaranteed Call Quality and Reliability

We employ the technology that always prioritizes voice packets over data. Unlike other providers that do not have full control over the networks to which calls are placed, our private, dedicated IP network is custom-designed to provide extraordinary dependability and performance. This allows us to maintain a Voice Quality of Service guarantee from the desktop to the public telephone network and back. Voice-over IP traffic is carried over the broadband network and our privately peered partner networks without going through the public Internet, ensuring data privacy and voice data quality. Multiple backbones, peering exchanges, and direct private connections to transit providers and transit peers further ensure speed and reliability.

We install VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) wiring for existing or newly installed phone systems Cat5e & Cat6 Patch Cables in all lengths.