Security Solutions

Security Camera Systems

Bestcom Co.Ltd is a best supplier of security cameras, business and home surveillance systems, and CCTV equipment (Closed Circuit Television). Surveillance systems with remote DVR viewer access is our specialty. We strive to have the best security camera and video surveillance system knowledge and online help. All of our surveillance systems are complete and easy to install.

Our product list includes IP Cameras, CCTV cameras, Surveillance DVRs/NVRs, Professional Box Security Cameras, Bullet Security Cameras, Dome Security Cameras, Infrared Security Cameras, PTZ Security Cameras and much more. Bestcom sells to individuals, installers, business owners, and to government agencies.

Computer Systems Security

Security should be a concern in every aspect of the IT supported business processes that are used in a company today. As such the security domain has never been wider before. IT is a principal component in most companies’ value chain. An infrastructure should therefore not only be made redundant but also resilient. Resilient against all threats that exist in today's cyberspace.

The days that perimeter security only was sufficient are over. Attacks increasingly bypass traditional perimeter-focused security and enter end-points and the enterprise network through a variety of methods, such as interaction with malicious web sites. Each security component needs to serve as a layer.

Another trend is that people have never been this mobile before. Employees need access to the company infrastructure at home, in their hotel on business trip, on public transportation using their mobile 3G smart-phone and all this while staying in compliance with the security policy.

These trends make security a more complex business than ever before. Security is not just another component in IT; it is deep-rooted in every aspect of it.

What can BestCom Co.Ltd do with and around the product & service?
BestCom Co.Ltd can offer you the following security solutions:

  • Design a security policy for your company needs
  • Network and security design
  • Perimeter security
  • Mail Security (Anti-Spam, Anti-virus, Archiving, ...)
  • Web filtering
  • Endpoint Security (Anti-malware, Personal Firewall)